Mirrabooka Protein is committed to a sustainable future


Mirrabooka Protein has been blending premium quality grass fed Australian whey protein since 2011. How do we know so much about it? We live and work in the region the protein comes from. We visit the farms and we listen to the farmers. We walk in the pastures and we feel the grass.

Single Origin Australian Whey Protein

We use single origin whey protein which comes from Australian dairy cows milk from farms predominantly in southwest Victoria. The climate is this region provides ample sunlight and rainfall for sustainable dairy farming, by maximising the days per year the cows are on pasture and removing the need for chemical fertilisers to make the grass grow.

Why Is This Important?

Dairy cows need chlorophyll, found in green grass blades, to produce nutrient rich milk.

The cows rotate through several fields in a process honed over multiple generations of Australian dairy farmers. The cows typically rotate through three fields, each at different stages of regrowth. When the grass blades have been eaten down to about 1/3 of their height, the cows are rotated to the next field. This leaves enough strength in the grass to ensure regrowth. Too long in one field, the grass is eaten too low and does not have the strength to regrow (without chemical fertilisers). Too many cows in the herd, and the grass in the field is eaten too quickly before the grass in the next field is ready to move into. (Factory farming is an extreme example of this.) 

Mirrabooka Protein is tested for heavy metals. 



We recycle all cardboard, paper and soft plastic bags from the bulk packaging of our raw ingredient supplies.

We exchange or recycle pallets with our suppliers.



Mirrabooka Protein endeavours to have fully recyclable packaging by 2025, and to avoid single use plastics. We must provide food grade packaging that is both functional and secure for our customers, 

There are four levels of packaging waste: reusable, recyclable, recyclable soft plastics and landfill.

We recommend our customers follow these best practices when disposing of packaging:

Jars and Tubs

Mirrabooka Protein is packaged in reusable and recyclable BPA Free food grade jars and tubs. We do not use single use soft plastic pouches. Our transparent jars are completely reusable, pantry-friendly and an excellent, attractive way to store pantry items such as oats, cereals, pasta, flour etc.

Remove the label, wash and clean your empty jar before reusing.

Reusable and recyclable.


Caps- reusable and recyclable

Tamper evident seals- recyclable

Wadding - recyclable soft plastics


Current labels are an 'outdoor' polyethelene label with standard colour inks. Labels should be removed from the tub and disposed of with landfill.

We are committed to sourcing recyclable labels printed with environmentally sustainable inks, and will announce this as soon as this is available.


Reusable and recyclable.

Bulk packaging - 10kg bags

Our bulk packaged protein contains three parts- outer bag, inner bag and label.

Outer bags- recyclable paper.

Inner bags- recyclable soft plastic (food grade).

Labels- landfill.



Compostable Satchels

We use Certified Home Compostable mailing satchels to ship our 1kg and 2.5kg products (instead of polyurethane, PU; - a single use plastic).

They are certified as both Compostable and Home Compostable.

Home compostable mailing bags are 100% biodegradable when composted or thrown away.

Our 5kg protein tubs are shipped in recyclable cardboard cartons.



We welcome suggestions for suitable, premium quality, food grade, sustainable packaging from packaging and label suppliers. Email us at hello @


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