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Hi there,
we're Mirrabooka Protein

Whether you want to gain mass, maintain your current weight or lose weight, or feel better about your health, Mirrabooka is here to help you achieve your health and athletic goals faster.

The idea for Mirrabooka was born in 2009 when founder, Jeff Rowley, realised that there were no clean, natural protein powder options available in Australia.
After studying the nutrition labels, he realised that protein powder was the most unhealthy food he was consuming.


better for you.

Whether you want to maximise your gains, recover from sport and exercise, shed a couple of extra kilos or simply support your health and immune system, Mirrabooka is on your side. Our natural protein powder range is specially formulated with minimum ingredients and maximum benefits, so you can achieve your athletic and health goals faster. 

Our founding

Mirrabooka was founded by Jeff Rowley in 2009. As a competitive athlete (big wave surfing and BJJ) with high daily requirements for a quality source of protein, Jeff realised he wasn't getting the nutritional benefits he required from the protein powders on the market. Through research and discovery it was revealed in fact that protein powder was the least beneficial and most highly processed thing he consumed.
Jeff turned his frustration into action, and from there the vision of Mirrabooka Protein was born: To make the best and cleanest, natural protein in the world, so you can achieve your health and athletic goals faster.


Innovation by subtraction

From day one our mission was to strip out all the unnecessary ingredients found in protein powders; produce the highest purity protein; always being great tasting and natural. Our mission remains the same today. We never use proprietary blends, fillers, thickeners, gums, anti-caking agents and other ingredients used in highly processed protein powders. We never use artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners, synthetic vitamins or filler ingredients, so you can get the maximum nutritional benefit out of every serving.

Products we love

We’re proud of our products and the people who make them. We won’t produce a product if our staff and customers won’t consume it every day.
All Mirrabooka products are made in Australia and follow our brand principles- being of primarily Australian origin, all natural, minimal ingredients, sustainable, great tasting and with proven nutritional benefit- so you can rest assured, when you buy from Mirrabooka Protein you are getting the best.


"Mirrabooka Protein has provided us with great service for nearly 10 years"

Jen and David | The Health Emporium

Where Does the Name "Mirrabooka" Come From?

“The name Mirrabooka came from fond memories of my childhood. Mounted on the wall outside the kitchen window of our family home was a lifebuoy from the ship Mirrabooka. My brother, sister and I used to play on the balcony of our house before dinner, right under the lifebuoy. We could see Mum and dad in the warm light through the window, happily preparing dinner while we were skateboarding or playing chasey in the twilight. Mirrabooka means family to me - food you love and can trust, and you just know it’s good. The word Mirrabooka means ’southern cross’ in indigenous Australian."

Jeff Rowley

Mirrabooka Protein Founder

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