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Melbourne, VIC

Verified Customer

Love supporting local

I’ve been searching forever for a locally owned protein supplier that doesn’t add heaps of additives and sugars to their protein and I’ve found them!! Woohoo!! Can’t taste the protein in my smoothies or recipes and keeps me feeling full. I’ll definitely buy again.

Based on 478 reviews
Loveliest, creamiest Whey Powder

The loveliest, most natural Whey powder I’ve tasted !
refreshingly pure!!

This delicious clean tasting whey powder give me No Nasty side effects.
Instead I feel this smooth, heavenly powder help to decongest my throat adrenals and ears making it easier for my to breathe.

Nutritious whilst refreshingly pure!
I feel this lovely Whey is feeding my cells as well as nourishing my body with the protein it need

Other products make me chesty or to breathe but this whey powder seems to do the opposite.
I feel clearer in my eosophagus, throat, , ears and adrenal glands and ears which i find a wonderful health boost (I never knew products could have good side effects!!)

I fee regardless of my portion size I am not adversely affected as with some dairy products

Excellent, caring customer service and product delivered in a timely manner.

I’d recommend this to anyone Who looking to increase their energy levels and feel better overall

Vanilla whey protein powder

Fantastic product! Australian owned and made. Tastes great! I've had it with just water, in smoothies and made pancakes with it. It blends well in pancake batter no lumps. All natural with no added nasties. Digests well.
Reasonable price and great customer service!!

Vanilla Whey Protein

Excellent product. It ticked all the boxes for me. Great tasting, low Carb, all natural, blends well. A couple of things that I have made with the Vanilla Whey Protein are Soft serve Ice cream and Protein Banana Bread. The other great thing about the product is that it's Australian made and owned.

Mirrabooka unflavoured whey protein

We love this product & have it daily! Local, natural and easy to digest - drink or mix with foods and no awful bloated feeling. Great customer service, reasonable price and fast delivery. Would highly recommend :)

Chocolate whey

This flavour is really good! I also bought vanilla and I hate vanilla but The vanilla flavour was the absolute best!!!chocolate has a weird flavour with Stevia but when you have it cold it’s good to drink but the vanilla is absolutely amazing!!!

Great taste Excellent service

An excellent product. My husband, my teenage son and myself all like it. Even more satisfying is the excellent customer service and prompt delivery.

Best protein power

I have purchased many of these protein powders and they are the best. Easy to blend, vanilla tastes good and can mix with any fruit. Low carbs, no sugar, and grass fed. The online experience was good and fast delivery. Nice to support local.

so good in smoothies :)

Love this protein shake

Really tasty protein shake. Ordered vanilla & chocolate. Both delicious. Excellent value for money. Much happier knowing product is sourced locally. Fantastic customer service & prompt delivery. Definitely will be ordering more in the future. Highly recommend.

Best protein shake I have tried

This is the best shake I have tried, great taste and I like the consistency of it compared to other shakes that are much thicker

Great service

I would highly recommend Mirrabooka grass fed whey protein to every one out there…

I searched few grass fed whey protein online but they all were bit pricey because of small packaging, only this one was available up to 5kg, and it’s easier to save money for customers..


Protein Power is a winner

Great local company, delicious product and impressive environmental efforts. Highly recommend. I like the chocolate flavour, my daughter likes the vanilla. They are both delicious.

Its good

Very palatable, to mine anyway, has helped me build my muscle system which needed support after illness and impact of medication. Excellent product.

Love it!

Really Clean Protein, tastes so much better than other proteins!
Love, love it!

Super tasty and clean

Clean protein with no added fillers!!!
I bought the vanilla it is super tasty and very digestible.
This will be my protein choice from now on.

Clean protein that tastes delicious

Delicious & creamy tasting vanilla protein that doesn’t give me any digestive issues. This is the first time I’ve tried Mirrabooka protein powder & I will purchase again. I came across it after searching for protein that didn’t use artificial sweeteners.

Awesome product ! Best protein powder I have used.

The Best

Love this product. Have tried many other brands but this is the best. I only use the no flavour variety, just add it to food & drinks.

Great product

Whole experience was great, easy to order and the delivery service and communication was excellent. The taste is great too, I am definitely going to order this again and I highly recommend it.

Grass Fed Whey Protein Vanilla

Easy ordering, fast delivery, great taste

Great locally made poduct

It was easy to order and delivery time was reasonable. Fantastic product with no added sugar that actually taste good. Loved the fact that was made locally.

Customer Service

As first time user of their products I am very impressed with the prompt service & delicious taste.
Thank you

Love supporting local

I’ve been searching forever for a locally owned protein supplier that doesn’t add heaps of additives and sugars to their protein and I’ve found them!! Woohoo!! Can’t taste the protein in my smoothies or recipes and keeps me feeling full. I’ll definitely buy again.

Best quality/cleanest protein powder available

Delivery was quick and efficient.
Protein tastes good and mixes well but the real selling point is no natural or artificial flavour and no artificial sweeteners. Almost impossible to find a protein this clean anywhere!

Organic Super Greens Unflavoured
Annegret C. (Melbourne, AU)
Glowing skin and high energy

This has left me feeling and looking great. Tastes like what it is though (greens) but mixed with the vanilla protein it is very easy to down. Verified Reviews Badge
Verified Reviews
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