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Featured Review

Vanessa M.

Sydney, NSW

Verified Customer

Absolutely delicious

I’ve purchased both the vanilla and chocolate whey protein powder and can honestly say they are both the best I’ve tried. Easy to mix with water and have a really unassuming natural sweetness & no allergic reactions that I’ve experienced with other brands.I’ve added to yogurt and even avocado to spread on toast like Nutella. Well done Mirrabooka!

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Delicious flavour without all the artificial chemicals

This is the whey protein we prefer because it doesn´t have any artificial flavours or preservatives yet the flavour is still delicious. I highly recommend this product. The order and delivery is very good

Best protein I’ve ever bought - Choc

My new favourite protein and not looking back. Great taste for chocolate flavour and great on the stomach. No uncomfortable stomach feeling after drinking!


I am very happy with this product, the flavour is delicious and it arrived very quickly. Totally worth the price.

Vanilla Protein

This protein would be the best I have had. The fact it only has 3 ingredients in it makes it fantastic for your health. Taste great and mixes easily.

Best Protein Powder l have bought

Very good coffee flavor mix’s well and no grainy taste. It can be mixed with anything water, milk, yogurt and the flavor is amazing

Product is great, ziplock is not~!

Was super excited about the moved from the big honking plastic tubs to the ziplock bags.. alas I have had to transfer the powder to an empty tub (thankfully I hadn't thrown it out). The ziplock is too skinny and isn't easily closed - maybe I just got a dud. Here's hoping. Will find out when I open the vanilla!


After 2 or 3 weeks of procrastination I bought the 5kilo. My order was processed over night, posted next day, and arrived 3 days later - seamless.

I went for the raw/natural/unflavoured because I don't like sweet stuff (in my opinion stevia tastes worse than sugar).

I mix it with water and drink. I have a stainless steel spring thing I add to my jam jar which helps it dissolve when I shake it, otherwise it clumps. It has a mild caramelised taste which I find ok. It doesn't taste like milk.

I feel it's improved my post exercise recovery. I also think I see better muscle definition. I am a vegetarian female athlete (in my 60s). I am consuming around 90-120g a day so it isn't inexpensive but I think worth it. I will be reordering.

Unreal - very rich and natural taste. Purchased the 1kg Chocolate to trial, however will be bulk buying next time.

Great protein

Easy to mix, creamy, best protein I’ve ever bought

Grass fed whey vanilla protein powder

Love love this product. My gut & body Feels absolutely amazing after drinking Mirrabooka protein. Thankyou ❤️

Mocha vs vanilla

I love the vanilla protein but was swayed by a review to try the Mocha version and sadly I’m not a fan. 😕 now I’m torn.. I hate wasting the precious product but wishing I’d ordered the tried and proven version of vanilla. 🤷‍♀️

Pleasantly surprised

I’ve had tummy issues for a few years and since swapping to Mirrabooka Whey Protein my issues are resolving. I rarely give reviews but this product deserves one and a good one at that.

I've been using Mirrabooka for a while. As a vegetarian, protein intake is very important as I'm training quite a lot. I've tried all of the big-name protein powders and found Mirrabooka to be as good, if not better. I've tried all the flavours and they are all solid. It's also a small Australian business, so I'm super happy to support it.

First time user, about to reorder

I put a lot of effort into making food at home for the family minimising things that are not great for the body. Mirrabooka protein also do the same with their powders, leaving out unnecessary additives and fillers. It tastes great. I can imagine if someone is used to artificial flavours, this would be bland for them, but both my partner and I couldn't be happier with the product. No upset stomach or sicky feeling after drinking. Thank you for making a product to the exact description I was searching for. A very happy customer!

Best tasting.

Great tasting. Very enjoyable.

First time protein powder user

Love the vanilla, blended well with my first ever protein smoothie. Bonus find was the scoop hiding in the powder.

Clean and delicious

Love that it's clean and easily digested.

Excellent quality.

I bought latte. It digested well. I’m losing weight while trying to gain muscle so I have it with black coffee instead of water, throw in the powder with a bunch of ice and whizz it up in my ninja! No graininess or after taste. Goes really frothy and smooth. I don’t dread it like all the protein powders I’ve had in the past!

Super clean and tasty

I do love this protein but I can’t give it 5 stars cos it’s hard to mix by hand. Its taste is beautiful, it’s creamy and so clean. Use a blender for the optimum mix.

Best taste and gut feel.

Honestly this is the best protein powder I've ever had. Both the unflavored and chocolate both taste great (I prefer with milk or in smoothies). The texture is great, there is no grainyness as with some other whey powders. My gut feels better using this than other powders as well, sometimes I would get an upset stomach with other brands but I don't get that with mirrabooka. I do miss the old plastic tub but I understand why it's changed and support that, they were just useful as kitchen containers 😅.

Best Protein i have tried in so far as the others are ridiculously sweet and often hide the sweetener with unfamiliar names.
Pricey, but the natural unflavored and Unsweetned (it does have sugar from the milk) Mirrabooka is best far.

Top grade whey protein

High quality protein, very happy with Mocha latte taste and texture. No bloating noticed after consuming it for like 2 weeks now.
It creates bit of a foam after shaking with milk in a shaker but I guess it is natural.
One thing I would like to see in future is Slide lock on its packaging.
Awesome product.

Healthy Living

Love the product, gives me a feel good vibe

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