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Vanessa M.

Sydney, NSW

Verified Customer

Absolutely delicious

I’ve purchased both the vanilla and chocolate whey protein powder and can honestly say they are both the best I’ve tried. Easy to mix with water and have a really unassuming natural sweetness & no allergic reactions that I’ve experienced with other brands.I’ve added to yogurt and even avocado to spread on toast like Nutella. Well done Mirrabooka!

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Words cannot describe my gratitude

I have been searching high and low for a clean, no crap added protein powder for a few years now, cannot believe it has taken this long to find.
I love the fact that there are no gross tasting sweeteners, that I get to choose what vitamins I would like to add either through food or supplements and judge it on how I am feeling on the day.
The product doesn’t affect my IBS which I must say is a huge relief and my gastritis is also not affected, other products would make me feel ill with all the stuff they add to them.
The flavour is incredibly neutral, so making savoury or sweet is not a problem, your only limit is your imagination.
I have been consistently having a protein shake everyday since buying it and I would usually only have 1 or 2 a week because I used to hate the flavour and texture of other brands, not any more.
Thank you for creating this product Jeff and team, I am incredibly grateful as I feel like I got a piece of my life back, with being a busy mum and not wanting to eat in the morning, I now have a nutritious and delicious protein shake every morning to get my day going and I feel amazing for it. Thank you

Great product

I was using whey protein brand that had artificial flavours, thickeners and gum in it and often used to feel bloated.

Started using Mirrabooka unflavored whey protein, and I don't feel bloated at all and it mixes well.
It will be great if they can mention the numbers in percentage of whey protein and soya lecithin if used any .

Will definitely buy other one and highly recommend for anyone who wants to ditch the artificial flavours and want pure Whey protein powder

Support yourself and a good company

I like to consume the vanilla whey. I mix it with berries or a banana and honey to make it a smoothie. It tastes great! You can get protein anywhere and with online shopping it’s super easy! There are many choices but why I choose mirrabooka is I really liked their story as a company, their morals, ethics and values I was really drawn to and wanted to support people with that passion for a fair product that is the least processed as possible! But in the end, their whey protein taste great and the there is value for money! Will continue to buy from them and recommend them to anyone interested in a more natural protein

Smooth milk powder

This powder is very smooth and has a nice taste. The ordering process was very easy and product was delivered quickly with no fuss. Will order again:)

Great product.

I’ve been using whey for quite awhile and Mirrabooka definitely rates No 1. Smooth consistency and no after taste. Excellent value for money with the extra bonus of supporting an Aussie business. I will be purchasing again.


After having tried various brands of Whey protein powder on the market; we have found this to be the absolute best!
Most significant is that the taste is really pleasant (chocolate), all natural ingredients (without all the nasty additives & chemicals!) and it is super easy to mix! We use milk or water, and both work equally as good as each other! I have found other protein powders lumpy and very hard to mix; whereas this is always smooth and consistent- easily achievable too!
Extremely happy with this purchase and will be an ongoing permanent customer! Wish we had discovered this product ages ago!
Would highly, highly recommend!!

Grass-fed is king

Great product


Tastes great not to heavy with speedy delivery

Unflavored all the way

Love the unflavored, I put it in everything

Very clean and light

I was pleasantly surprised by how clean and light this protein powder tastes. The best thing for me, apart from the light, frothy texture it produces in the mix, is that the vanilla flavour I ordered is only very lightly sweetened, as it claims, as I find most flavoured powders so sweet that I just ended up chosing the plain ones. This one gives you plenty of room to even add a touch of your own flavours/fruit and still not come out sickly sweet. A great taste.

Delicious protein!

Haven’t had whey in years and tried a couple and this is definitely my favourite. No upset stomach, easily digested, good flavour and not chalky in my smoothie. Will buy again.

Great Product

I blend it with 3 raw eggs, goat milk, honey and a double shot of espresso each morning - delicious! Very happy to find a product free of all the additives you see in most protein powders. Great product!

I have been looking for a natural tasting powder for smoothies and shakes that is easy on my digestive system, no nasty andditives and Gluten Free. The Mirrabooka Protein Powder ticks these boxes and is Aussie made, which is even better.

Would highly recommend it

At this stage 4 start

I think so far so good easy to digest and I just put my second order in so hopefully I know more after this one .

Excellent product

The Vanilla protein powder is the best I’ve ever tried. Creamy, smooth and not overly sweet tasting. Cleanest list of ingredients, Aussie owned. Genuine reach out from owner, gives the impression he is passionate about the quality of his products. Buy it, you won’t be disappointed.

Whey it up

Great value, great product, with out all the fillers and rubbish that are not needed. Pure raw and ready to go the way it should be.
Thanks to Jeff and the team for always delivering and a quality product, timely service. Mirabooka protein is a great company to deal with.

With so many "cowboys" of the supplement industry out there, it is refreshing to find a good ole honest company putting out great products with out all the BS that generally accompanies.

I could not recommend Mirrabooka more highly, you will be surprised at how good it is.
Give it a go.

Good protein.

I've tried the coffee, and vanilla flavour, but I rate the unflavoured as the most versatile. It is so clean tasting, and just tastes like a clean milk. I mix it up and use it in place of milk.

Absolutely delicious

I’ve purchased both the vanilla and chocolate whey protein powder and can honestly say they are both the best I’ve tried. Easy to mix with water and have a really unassuming natural sweetness & no allergic reactions that I’ve experienced with other brands.I’ve added to yogurt and even avocado to spread on toast like Nutella. Well done Mirrabooka!

Best Protein I've Used

As someone with a sensitive gut, other protein products have tended to give me some unpleasant side effects. Mirrabooka tastes great and doesn't give me any excess gas or other unpleasantness and the 5kg pack is great value.

The best protein powder

Tastes amazing and love how real the ingredients are! Great price too. Will 100% be buying again :)

The best, cleanest protein powder you can get! Love it

Great clean protein :)

A satisfied return customer

The grass fed whey protein has a great creamy, natural flavour, is Aussie produce and Aussie owned - a win, win, win!


Thank you for making this product - a clean whey protein with no added BS! It tastes great and goes down fine, I’m so grateful I’ve found you 🥰 please don’t change a thing!

1/2 marathon training

I highly recommend this protein powder. I use it after weights and running training 6 days per week. I usually mix 1 scoop (choc flavour) with almond milk and it tastes great :)

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