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Featured Review

Vanessa M.

Sydney, NSW

Verified Customer

Absolutely delicious

I’ve purchased both the vanilla and chocolate whey protein powder and can honestly say they are both the best I’ve tried. Easy to mix with water and have a really unassuming natural sweetness & no allergic reactions that I’ve experienced with other brands.I’ve added to yogurt and even avocado to spread on toast like Nutella. Well done Mirrabooka!

Based on 783 reviews
Great product

Finally able to get a product with only a single ingredient

Worth every penny

Tastes great, no stomach problems!

Have tried many brands over the years, including some of the big name brands. All have left me feeling bloated and with other digestion issues. Majority of the time I gave them away or thew them out. Nearly finished my first tub of mirrabooka and have had no issues at all. Very happy. Tastes great, mixes easily and goes well in smoothies. Very happy customer, have found my brand!

Excellent product

I have tried many protein powders but none as clean as Mirrabooka. The ingredient list is what attracted me as I was tired to using products that had so many different ingredients, usually unnatural ingredients, that would ultimately upset my tummy. The vanilla flavor is really mild so mixes well in smoothies and with water, almond milk or kefir. I also add to yogurt sometimes if my protein intake needs a boost for the day. Will definitely purchase again.

Great protein and service

Best protein we have sourced, delivered quickly direct to home. Fantastic quality / taste. Also great value.

Mirrabooka, a pure protein you can trust

I have a sick husband who need lots of protein to help keep his muscles strong. I make him many shakes adding lots of nuts, fruit and green vegies. He never gets sick of it.
We are on our 3rd 5kg bucket.
Not just for the young and fit but ideal for us oldies.

Best protein powder I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a lot! Clean ingredients, blends well, tastes amazing! And the customer service is outstanding.

Quality protein

Just good quality protein.
Love this stuff, mixability and taste.

Definitely buying again.

High quality clean protein

Grass Fed Whey Protein Unflavoured Natural 2.5kg

I've been using this powder for years and have never found anything better. :)

The best protein powder I’ve ever had! Simply excelent and delicious

Very clean protein

Excellent protein. Does not come any better than this. Nutritious and delicious. No fillers. No soy. Local. Perfect.

The best protein powder on the market

If you're on this website then you probably already know. Soy free, unflavoured, what more could a goy ask for (besides unflavoured casein). Check out their FAQs for very pleasing answers.

Hands down the best protein powder I’ve ever had

Ordered the vanilla flavoured protein powder. The first one came and it was completely destroyed in shipping. I told them about it and they sent me a replacement express and it came the next day. Excellent service on that front.

As for the taste, I love it. I notice that this protein powder does not clump like others are prone to when adding into a liquid. That to me shows you the quality of it. Will never buy another protein product again.

Definitely Recommend

Awesome protein powder the only one I buy, tastes great and so does the vanilla. Excellent service too!

Great taste and solubility

I got a Mocha falvor. Tastes great, dissolves easily. There's no visible difference right away, it'll probably show up long term.

Great product - Less is more!

Tried this after going through the reviews and must say, its wonderful! Tastes great and does not make me bloated like some of the other whey i have tried.

Best ever

Not sure what I was taking before, best taste, creamy no bloating. 100% worth it.

I love that it's all Australian!

100% recommend

Love this protein powder! I usually can't stand the taste of protein powder but this powder has got such a nice taste and can easily have every day. Love that it's organic and grass fed too! Defo recommend

Great quality protein powder, no issues whatsoever

Have been using Mirrabooka protein for almost 2 months. 2 servings per day. Tastes great and 0 digestion issues. I feel great and making progress in the gym! Cheers

Good Quality, No BS

Tastes good, doesn’t give you that heavy/sick stomach feeling those store brand proteins with a 1000 ingredients give.

Will be my new go to.

Best protein around! No fillers, light on the stomach and tastes great!

Excellent tasting protein with no nasty ingredients. The only protine I buy! I love the chocolate and vanilla! Reasonably priced for the quality of the product!

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