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Melbourne, VIC

Verified Customer

Love supporting local

I’ve been searching forever for a locally owned protein supplier that doesn’t add heaps of additives and sugars to their protein and I’ve found them!! Woohoo!! Can’t taste the protein in my smoothies or recipes and keeps me feeling full. I’ll definitely buy again.

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Grass Fed Whey Protein Vanilla

Having an Australian company for ensuring there are no additives is very important to me. Knowing that I am drinking only what's on the container is very reassuring and the taste is fantastic. Thank you Mirrabooka.


Best protein shake I've had and amazingly it's good for you!

Organic Super Greens Unflavoured
Dean D. (Sydney, AU)
Great Product

I'm stoked with this product. It tastes good, and I can feel the goodness working through my body.

Grass Fed Whey Protein Protein Vanilla

Excellent product . Tastes fantastic. Great customer service. Quick delivery. Will be back.

clean , great taste

enjoying this protein with its minimal ingredients, and no artificial anything. Taste is great, mixes easily and digests well.

Great product

I love the venila flavour. It does not have any nasty after-taste.

Best protein powder ever!

I have tried numerous protein powders and found Mirrabooka to be the best one. I bought the unflavoured variety and have used it in various combinations. Goes well with cold coffee, chocolate milk, even buttermilk. I use it for my teen boys' smoothies as well and they love it too.
Excellent product overall!

Powders Ahoy

I’ve enjoyed Mirrabooka for over a year now It’s helped me sustain the 3-4 day weekly gym sessions . The goal is fitness and longevity’. I’m cautious of added chemicals the others throw in. The affects at the molecular level aren’t really known. What is known about additives is they boost profits for the seller. Mirrabooka is a good choice for its simplicity and avoidance of any gimmicks.

Breakfast smoothy

Great product tasty and Australian made fast delivery I use it to make breakfast smoothies and protein treats

Best tasting protein out there!

Great taste with grass fed protein. Can’t ask for much more. Have been looking for a great tasting grass fed product for a while and finally landed on a great one. Thanks Mirrabooka!

Best around

Great product. Not overly sweet like most other proteins. Flavours are spot on too. Doesnt leave you bloated and uncomfortable.

Great quality protien powder

Great quality whey powder that is not only value for money but easy to use and digest which is a big plus in my house!

Only the best

Aussie made and clean as F. Agrees with my gut and does everything it suggests.

Im a long term Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferer, like 30 years, when several months ago my nutritionist with a special interest in gastrointestinal conditions put me onto Mirrabooka Whey Powder. I was attracted to Mirrabookas Natural Whey as it has no additives, no fillers and of course, its an Aussie product. If you have been ultra careful about what you ingest then will understand where Im coming from. The whey powder has been a revelation these past several months with my digestive problems easing and I have gained weight. The natural whey has a good taste and I do not find it necessary to add anything to it in the ‘flavour’ line. Thank you Mirrabooka for the powder and great service.

Unflavoured whey protein

First time purchasing this product and I’m really happy with it.
Unflavoured whey is the way to go! No nasties. I wanted something really good for my health without the added artificial flavour etc. I add cocao powder and a lil honey for sweetness. Blends really well together.
I really like this company’s ethos too.
Will continue to buy. Quick delivery.

Organic Super Greens Unflavoured
Anonymous (Brisbane, AU)
Whey & Supergreens

Great product. Prompt Service


Best protein ever. Minimal ingredients. Light taste. Delicious

Great neutral flavour

I really like the unflavoured option as you can add it to your existing smoothie recipes and it doesn’t change the taste :)
Also a bonus was that it was delivered really fast!

Great for sensitive tummies

Second time buying this protein and I love it. A lot of the protein powders with all the added crap to it makes my stomach unsettled. Mirrabooka has been amazing. Goes well with all my smoothies and tastes great :)

Excellent Quality Protein

Really happy with it, blending half a scoop of the unflavored and half a scoop of the vanilla with 100 grams of frozen blueberries in the Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Duo (not affiliated but seriously smashes everything in 10 seconds). Great stuff!

The best protein powder on the market

Great product & Customer service

I have tried several protein powders over the years including plant based powders but I found them to be full of additives and often not flavoursome.
Mirrabooka is definitely a keeper for me as it not only tastes great but is almost pure whey protein with only the addition of vanilla & stevia and is such a great addition to my daily smoothie.
The customer service is excellent with a very quick delivery time


Australian made
Says what it is
Tastes good
No weird ingredients love it thanks guys amazing product

This is a fabulous protein drink.

This is a fabulous protein drink. My husband is never keen to have a protein drink but he enjoys this one.

Ticks all the boxes

I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent product. I am so happy to find a protein that ticks every box I was looking for: high quality protein, unflavoured and Australian made. As a doctor and medical researcher, I am always afraid about the potential for environmental toxins to harm us. I worry about the additives and fake sugars (or excess real sugars) in flavoured protein but also about the quality of whey that is used. Thank you for your clean and excellent product and making an industry in Australia.

Keep up the good work! Verified Reviews Badge
Verified Reviews
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