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Melbourne, VIC

Verified Customer

Love supporting local

I’ve been searching forever for a locally owned protein supplier that doesn’t add heaps of additives and sugars to their protein and I’ve found them!! Woohoo!! Can’t taste the protein in my smoothies or recipes and keeps me feeling full. I’ll definitely buy again.

Based on 647 reviews
My favourite protein powder.

Mirrabooka protein powder is my go to.

It's clean tasting, mixes well and has none of the B.S that every other powder on the market has. The vanilla flavour is quite subtle and pleasant.

I find I tend to prefer slightly less water than called for on the serving suggestions, but I've played with different amounts to find my ideal taste.


This is the one for me I reckon. Slightly less sweet than the chocolate version, same smooth and creamy mouth feel.

Grass Fed Whey Protein Mocha Latte

Great smooth taste and easy to mix, Top product would highly recommend this supplement.


Absolutely love this product! No nasties in it at all, I feel so much lighter compared to when I was using standard whey protein. Will definitely be a repeat customer. Have recommended to many!

Unflavoured Whey Protein

Received within a week, and so far so good. Exactly what I ordered! Unflavoured! :) Looking forward to trying different flavoured options in the future.

Creamy and rich

This is a great tasting vanilla protein. It is creamy and rich. Mixes in great with greek yogurt as a high protein snack, and in a shaker as well with almond or coconut milk. It tastes clean and no artificial sweetener aftertaste. Great work!


Love this protein powder, it's really clean with high nutritional value. I think it's one of the best Australian grass fed whey products available.

Here's one of my favorite ways to enjoy:
200ml whole milk
50g Mirrabooka unflavored protein powder
1tbs peanut butter (mayvers dark roasted smooth)
1tbs frozen avocado
15ml maple syrup
1 pinch salt
6 ice cubes (optional)

Blitz it up in a blender and enjoy!

Nice Flavour

Hi guys! I like its taste, texture and it's easy on the gut. Can I request the owner Jeff it was quite a struggle to open 5 kg box and close it again, luckily I had big plastic airtight containers to store it. One more request please launch Double or Triple Choc flavour too. All the best and please keep the purity and quality up Cheers 🤟

Vanilla Protein

Easy to digest. No stomach bloating. Blends and shakes well. Will be ordering again when finished. Definitely recommend.

Great Product

Excellent Taste and good digestion. It is highly recommended to all who need to get macronutrients done!

No unnecessary ingredients

A nice tasting protein powder with no unnecessary ingredients. Slightly more expensive than the competition but absolutely worth it. Recyclable packaging is also a win.

Go to Protein Powder

Stoked to find Mirrabooka several years ago back in 2016. Its one of the cleanest, pure proteins on the market. I have been living overseas the past 3 years and one of the things I have craved most was the taste of a Mirrabooka protein smoothie. Love the fact its sourced from grass-fed cows and I'm supporting an Aussie business & farmers. Very quick shipping. Highly recommend - thank you Jeff & team!

Best whey protein I've ever had

Great tasting, mixes well, goes down easy, and sits well in the stomach. I've avoided whey protein for a long time because I couldn't find a good grass fed product that was budget friendly and Australian made. This ticks all the boxes, thanks Mirrabooka for making such a high quality product.

Very nice 3rd order

I find that this whey is easier on my stomach then other whey protein concentrate, it mixes very well and easy with no clumping. And the taste is not overwhelming its more subtle but pleasant.

1st ever order

Ist order had transportation issues with some damage to packaging. Jeff rectified this efficiently and promptly with a quick replacement. I thought the customer service was exceptional given the hiccup. Jeff was very obliging. I hope I find the product as good as the service. I will keep you posted as I am looking forward to utilising the vanilla whey protein daily.
Noel Smith.

Top product!

Very happy with my Vanilla Whey protein. It tastes great, mixes easily and no digestion issues whatsoever. Super fast delivery and great people to deal with. Thank you to Jeff and the team.

Excellent Clean Protein

This whey protein is one of the smoothest shakes I have had to date.
No bloating after workouts, and very digestible.
Organic Vanilla whey is my favourite.
Very happy to recommend this product with No Hidden Chemicals.

Happy days

I was really happy with my current diet except for needing to snack so decided to try mirrabooka protein once or twice a day and happy days stopped snacking and it has helped me lose those last pesky 5 kgs very happy was just what I needed at the time

The best protein powder on the market!!!

This is truly the best protein powder out there, just read the ingredients list... I have a very sensitive digestion and this powder is so great! No smelly protein farts, FACT!!!
Mixes very well, with no clumps.
I buy the 5kg and it remains fresh right to the end.
I have replaced breakfast with this recipe and I remain full with no energy crash until lunchtime:
shot of espresso - "I have a proper coffee machine"
10 small ice cubes
1 banana
2 scoops of chocolate powder
buzzed in the Nutra bullet
Note: adding them in that order works best for mixing.
Fast delivery - if i could give 5 stars i would!

Whey Protein Powder

Great product and service.

Outstanding product

Excellent product, great natural taste, not added with sugar. In my opinion, the best on the market. I am also highly impressed by the customer service and care. Well done.

Vey high quality

very transparent company with high quality ingredients, You can just taste it. Sits well in the stomach. No more protein farts. Will be a long term customer for sure.

Top notch protein

Absolute best tasting protein I have ever had.

Organic Super Greens Unflavoured
Sigrid H. (Brisbane, QLD)

Taste is ok and a great product.


Tastes great and smooth to drink. Verified Reviews Badge
Verified Reviews
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