Organic Super Greens Unflavoured 1kg (100 servings)


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Product Description

Enjoy a three month supply of micronutrient rich Organic Super Greens. You can mix it with water or juice, or add it to your favourite healthy smoothie and boost your vitality to the next level. Enjoy 100 servings in our reusable 1kg jars, with Free Australian Shipping. Each batch of Mirrabooka Organic Super Greens has a minimum two year best before date.

Why Is Mirrabooka Organic Super Greens The Best?

It's what we put in and what we leave out that makes Mirrabooka Organic Super Greens the best.
Mirrabooka Organic Super Greens is pure, premium quality, single origin, 100% Australian grown organic super greens. This is not an untraceable blend of low quality, imported ingredients. Mirrabooka is pure, clean and entirely Australian Grown- it does not contain any filler ingredients or artificial additives. Just the cleanest, Australian Organic Super Greens.

  • All natural, no artificial additives 
  • Single origin Australian Organic Super Greens- not a blend of lower quality, untraceable imported ingredients
  • No filler ingredients- means more nutrients per serving, not cheap filler ingredients
  • All natural, unflavoured and unsweetened.

Why Is Mirrabooka The Best Organic Super Greens Drink Powder?

Our natural Organic Super Greens is is unflavoured and unsweetened, so you can mix it with your favourite beverage.

  • Shake it up with water or juice, or add it to your smoothies
  • Smooth texture - not grainy or gritty, no powdery residue
  • All natural - not over sweetened or artificially flavoured
  • Unflavoured and unsweetened- no artificially sweet and no artificial flavours
  • Packed with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and micronutrients in every serving

The Best Super Greens Powder For Women

Getting enough dietary vitamins and minerals from natural food sources is essential for women's health. You need a natural, clean, pure everyday source of micronutrients that is gentle on your stomach- not loaded with artificial additives, sweeteners or flavours and generic lab-synthesised vitamin blends from untraceable sources.

  • Everyday natural dietary source of vitamins and minerals
  • Plant-based source of micronutrients
  • Gentle on your stomach and digestive system
  • Single origin, traceable Australian ingredients
  • Gluten free and low carb

Why Is Mirrabooka Organic Super Greens The Best Greens Powder For Men?

You need a pure, clean and natural, dietary source of vitamins and minerals to ensure you meet your daily micronutrient intake requirements, to maximise your recovery from sport and exercise, and maintain your immune system. You don't want an ingredients list as long as your arm; full of artificial flavours, sweeteners and fillers, fortified with generic lab-synthesised vitamin blends from untraceable foreign sources.

  • Natural, food-based source of micronutrients for optimal health.
  • Fast digesting - consume daily and as part of your post-exercise nutrition program
  • Contains only five certified organic superfood ingredients for greatest efficacy
  • Australian Grown, traceable source of ingredients

Single Origin Organic Super Greens

Other greens powders contain a mixture of lower quality, untraceable and unverified imported ingredients to cut production costs. Ingredient origin and traceability matters because climate, pollution, farming practices, processing and other factors affect the quality, quantity and efficacy of the nutrients in the final product you consume.

Mirrabooka Organic Super Greens is made from a single source of premium, certified organic Australian grown superfood powders. What makes Australian superfood powders so good? Plants absorb their nutrients from the soil, water and the air where they are grown. Mirrabooka Organic Super Greens are grown in rural Victoria in an isolated agricultural environment far away from pollutants.

This region has the ideal climate for agricultural farming, adequate sunshine and rainfall, good soil and water supply from the mighty Murray River. This results in plants that are nutrient rich and pollutant free, so you get the purest and best quality organic super greens in every serving.

Low-Temperature Drying Process

Mirrabooka Organic Super Greens have undergone the most gentle drying process of any super greens powders, preserving a broader range of nutritional benefits, bio-availability and maintaining better nutrient content than freeze-dried powders.

Our Mirrabooka Organic Super Greens are Australian made from farm to packaging.

No Artificial Additives

Many off the shelf greens powders contain a long list of artificial ingredients including synthesised vitamins, artificial flavours and artificial sweeteners (Sucralose). Artificial additives are highly potent and cheap to use- however they are not recognised by the human body as food, and may lead to long term weight gain, health problems and disease.

Mirrabooka Protein only contains the minimum number of necessary ingredients from natural sources.

No Filler Ingredients

Mirrabooka Organic Super Greens do not contain any filler ingredients such as maltodextrin, coconut flour, psyllium, sugar or fibre (inulin etc).

These ingredients are used in many mass produced super greens powders to bulk the product, reduce production costs and sweeten the product - at the expense of your health and nutrition. Those products are often fortified with generic lab-synthesised vitamin powder blends to boost their nutritional content, disguising that the nutrient content from the super greens is below minimum effective dose.


All Australian Certified Organic wheat grass, barley grass and alfalfa.

Product of Australia.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Sigrid H. (Brisbane, QLD)

Taste is ok and a great product.

Leon J. (Brisbane, QLD)
Great Organic Greens

I love the fact that there is an organic greens powder that we can not only have with fruit in a drink but we also mix it in our food and when your children are fussy with their eating, it's great to have something that they happily consume with no complaints at all. Me and my household are extremely happy with these greens.

Dean D. (Sydney, NSW)
Great Product

I'm stoked with this product. It tastes good, and I can feel the goodness working through my body.

Anonymous (Brisbane, QLD)
Whey & Supergreens

Great product. Prompt Service

Steph R. (Sydney, NSW)
Love the Super Greens

Recently changing to a Keto diet, I wanted to make sure I was getting enough greens into my diet, and this is a great way to supplement fresh greens. I drink it directly mixed into water, but it also works great mixed into a morning smoothie. Mirrabooka offer a great product, and fast and easy shipping, and I will be buying the super greens again in the future <3

Tmc B. (Brisbane, QLD)
Australian and good

A great product which is just as it is stated , made naturally with minimal processing and no added ingredients.
Australian made from Australian grown produce by an Australian company.Its rare you can get something that tastes good, is good for you and helps the country and the economy. Support your health, support Australian farmers and support Australian business. No brainer

Annegret C. (Melbourne, VIC)
Glowing skin and high energy

This has left me feeling and looking great. Tastes like what it is though (greens) but mixed with the vanilla protein it is very easy to down.

Patricia B. (Eden, NSW)
Super Greens

I've been taking Super Greens for 2 years & I'm convinced by the benefits ,however I've moved to regional NSW & decided now was the time to review my supplier .I came across Mirrabooka online & was so impressed by their website ,that the decision to order was easy - & I would judge the product on its merits . I now LOVE this product - it's pure,easy to drink & no unpleasant aftertaste .THANK you Mirrabookafor a first class product .Trish Burke

Jack V. (Belconnen, ACT)
Super greens

Extremely prompt service and item was exactly as listed.
Will purchase again. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Bobby (Sydney, NSW)

Tried a lot of greens formulas before. This one I can feel is working. Will be making repeated purchases. I’m extremely proud to be supporting a 100% Australian made and owned product. God bless you all at Mirrabooka Protein.

Directions For Use

Add one level scoop (10g) and 150-200ml of water to a shaker bottle.
Close the shaker bottle lid firmly to ensure a proper seal.
Shake well for 30 seconds, then drink immediately.

Consume 1-3 times daily.

Compatability information:

  • Suitable for shakes, smoothies and shots (eg wheatgrass shots).
  • Shakes and blends well with cool or cold water, fruit juice.
  • Requires the use of a shaker bottle or a blender.
  • Does not mix well with a teaspoon in a glass.
  • Not intended for use with hot liquids, e.g. hot water.

All certified organic Australian grown wheatgrass, barley grass and alfalfa powder.

This product is unflavoured and unsweetened.

Our dedicated production facility does not process any products which contain fish, shellfish, wheat, egg, nuts, or gluten.

Formulated without:
Filler ingredients, added sugar, proprietary blends, amino spiking, stimulants, synthetic vitamins, added sodium, artificial flavours, colours, thickeners, artificial sweeteners, anti-caking agents.

Our packaging is BPA free.